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Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by turnerdd, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. turnerdd

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    I have a Waterfurnace Premier2 closed loop system since 1996. Last year I had a fan motor failure which was replaced. Since then twice an airflow fault has occurred. In both instances resetting caused it to go away. I have not noticed any performance issues. From what I have read the airflow fault is caused by motor RPM being sensed low and there is no actual airflow sensor. My question is there a way to isolate the problem as we go south for the winter and turn the heat down but not off. When the airflow fault occurs the waterfurnace shuts down. Thanks for any insight.
  2. urthbuoy

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    The obvious

    The real obvious is a dirty filter or fins.

    The less obvious gets a bit more complicated.
  3. Bergy

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    There is, or at least used to be, a dip switch that can be adjusted for that. You need to contact your service company and have them find out from Water Furnace if it can be done.

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    You can turn off SW3-3 to the no rpm position. There have been instances of nuisance rpm failures. IF the blower does fail, there are other safeties that would trip to protect your system. Unfortuantely the RPM lockout is a hard lockout, you can't reset it from the thermostat like most other faults, it requires you to cycle power to the unit to reset it.
  5. turnerdd

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    Hi all,
    Thanks for all the responses. Thanks especially for the confirmation about RPM nuisance faults. I wondered why there would be a switch to disable the RPM sensing. Setting SW3-3 to OFF should solve the problem.
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    I chased this for 4 months on a WF 5-ton unit. Repeated visits, data logged EVERY temp on the unit in 5 second intervals and talked to the factory. I finally used the DIP switches to turn off the alarm. The unit has run fine for probably a good year now with not one single fault! Ran this entire winter outside of Buffalo, NY without the AUX kicking on either!
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    We apologize for not responding earlier, as we only discovered your post today. We trust that you have been in contact with your WaterFurnace dealer to discuss this matter. However, if our assistance is needed, please have your contractor contact our technical support staff, as we will be more than happy to work with you and your contractor to resolve this issue.
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    The switch is set to "off" in our split unit (separate air handler.) Perhaps the board is shared between different Envision units (I know you have a Premier2.)

    We had one such RPM nuisance fault in our packaged unit. It was on a very windy day and I could hear the blower pitch changing (not sure why.) I reset the unit after the trip and there has been no re-occurrence. Not sure if the windy day was a coincidence. We have frequent wind and have not experienced this problem before or after this one fault. I never asked our installer or WF about this fault, but insight would be welcome.

    I prefer not to disable a safety feature, but I don't want a nuisance trip either (especially if we are away in the winter.) What would be the next fault to occur if the switch was disabled and the blower was not functioning?

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