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Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Geoapprentice, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Geoapprentice

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    I was curious if anyone could help me. I have a WaterFurnace 5Series NDV, an Intellizone zone panel (2 zones), and the new elite communicating Tstats TPCM32U03. I keep getting the red fault screen on both Tstats with "Communication Error" on the screen. The second zone does not always open or close the zone dampers properly even though they get 24V. The NDV has only the Aurora "Base" board, not the "Advanced" board. I have the Tstats hooked up properly as "traditional" tstats(P1) not the commmunicating hookup (P7). If it matters, I work for a WaterFurnace contractor, I just would like to find a solution before my know-it-all higher-ups. Thank you.
  2. engineer

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    I'm a WF dealer. Owing to WF's whacko distribution channels in the deep south and a couple, maybe more, communication SNAFUs, I was not in on the latest round of WF product updates this past winter / spring.

    That said, I believe WF is in the midst of renaming some product lines in the course of introducing a new variable capacity product line. I'm sure I'll get the skinny someday.

    At any rate, it sounds like what you may have is a more traditional system that used to be called Envision / Intellizone. It offered very flexible zoning, airflow and staging control.

    Based on what you wrote I suspect the thermostats are expecting comms that the zone board is not providing (warning - that is pure conjecture)

    As a debug / fault isolation maneuver, consider temporarily substituting known good traditional 24v thermostat(s) that won't whine about communication errors.

    Good luck - let us know how this plays out.
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    Normal tsat

    I have a 5 installed with a normal tstat and it works fine. Is in my dad's house, and with the deal he got, I just used a 3h/2c tstat I had in stock.

    So pretty much what engineer said.

    So, how are we going to design for these new variable speed 7's?
  4. WF_Inc

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    The communicating thermostats will not work with the original IntelliZone. If the original IntelliZone is used, an analog thermostat will need to be used. If you need additional assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support staff.
  5. Geoapprentice

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    I told them this...

    This is what I thought, apparently I read the manuals and paperwork a llittle more deeply than those in charge. If standard tstats (8 wire) are used, am I to understand that the customer will have no way of knowing any faults? And my other question is, if we use communicating Tstats, are both the 8 wire and modbus wires required to inform customer of faults? Thank you all for the input, I appreciate it, and if anyone at my shop would listen to me, we'd be saving money,haha.
  6. engineer

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    Older system sends faults to 24v thermostats able to display them. I believe it is via the LO (Lock Out) terminal. Some Honeywell 8000 series stats will show a red light upon receiving 24V on L
  7. Geoapprentice

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    Now I get it...

    I understand the new 5 Series and communicating Tstats. Thank you everyone for the input and responses.
  8. Geoapprentice

    Geoapprentice New Member


    If using the original Intellizone, can the Aurora expansion board be used? Or is the Intellizone2 needed for zoning?
  9. WF_Inc

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    The Aurora Expansion Board may be used with either the original IntelliZone or the IntelliZone2.

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