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    We have a water to water unit installed to act as heat source for our infloor radiant heat in our garage concrete. (Long story as to what happened and why this system is even in the house).

    Currently it is only in place to provide heat, but I am wondering if it can be used for a little bit of cooling? We have three zones served 1)entry foyer, 2) office, and 3) garage parking. Would it be possible to take a little edge off of the two "conditioned" spaces with this unit--without causing problems such as condensation, etc.?

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    If your system was designed for heat only, it may not have a reversing valve. You might not be able to make chilled water.

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    What is the make & model? You can do sensible cooling through radiant, just keep your floor surface temp a couple of degrees above the air dewpoint and you will be fine, it would help if you had a ventilation system to move some of the humid air out.
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