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Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by ADH NH, Apr 19, 2017.

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    I have noticed lately that when our ClimateMaster comes on the well pressure (constant pressure system) drops from 60 to sometimes as low as 40. We have an irrigation system and in the summer if the AC comes on some of the sprinkler heads don't even come up. Wondering why pressure would drop with a constant pressure system. Thanks in advance
  2. urthbuoy

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    Open loop well system that shares domestic, irrigation, and geo?

    Has this always been the case or just lately.

    Always = not enough flow, bad plumbing setup

    Lately = flow has changed, pump failing, pressure tank failing, check valve stuck open, etc.

    You should probably have someone look at it.
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  3. geoxne

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    I would add to the "lately" list above - bad pressure sensor.

    How is the waterflow to the heatpump regulated? Flow control? Modulating valve?

    Is your system standing column with bleed? If so how is the bleed regulated?
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    I also recently worked out a problem in a coffee shop in which the pressure transducer was in the wellhouse and not the house. The pressure was "faked" through the use of an expansion tank in front of the pump (bad). The small expansion tank was likely failed and the system was dropping pressures as you've mentioned as the actual pressure tank in the house was not the location of the pressure transducer.

    I never got confirmation that was the issue though as it was just a "problem a friend was having".
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    Constant pressure pumps are the boon of service work. Great when working properly, source of a lot of tinkering and service. They account for over 50% of all our service tickets.
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