North Carolina Water loop hooked up backwards

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Don Fisher, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. Don Fisher

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    I just had a WaterFurnace GT system installed, consisting of a series 5 All-in-one, a split system, and a hydronic heat pump for DHW. After getting the Symphony Aurora Web Link (highly recommended) hooked up to the all-in one, I noticed that the EWT is lower than the LWT when running in Heat mode. From my understanding, this is the opposite of what it should be. So i set the system to Cool and the EWT was HIGHER then the LWT.
    I decided to see how all the plumbing was hooked up, and sure enough, the water lines were reversed. Water FROM the ground loop was hooked into the Out port on the heat pump, and vice-versa. The compressor for the split system was hooked up the same way, but the hydronic HP was hooked up correctly. Three questions.

    Did the installer screw up?
    Will water flowing the wrong direction through the heat pump cause any damage?
    Will this impact the efficiency of the system?

    So far, the house has been kept warm and I've had plenty of hot water, but I'm concerned about the long term consequences. Thanks in advance!
  2. Mark Custis

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    Unless there are check valves in places they are not needed you should be OK. Check with Doc to make sure.

    Most out side stuff is fission welded with out directional "T"s or check valves.

    1. I think not, labler, maybe.
    2. How do you know? I think it will be fine.
    3. No.
  3. waterpirate

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    There was a article some time ago about the directional flow inside a twisted coax coil of units that boiled down to differences being measured with a micrometer if the flow was hooked up reverse of what the stickers say. I am a detail guy however and would ask to have them corrected as it would bother me.
  4. docjenser

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    1) yes
    2) no
    3) no

    except throwing some sensors off, it should not have any consequences.

    However, you should have it corrected. It will throw off fault diagnosis in the future, and also your monitoring with the symphony you have paid for.

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