Pennsylvania Water Furnace NSW060s is indicating "FF" on the screen

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by AndrewL, Oct 3, 2015.

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    The control board in the WF NSW is common with older EW models and discontinued pool heaters, in different versions.

    I strongly suggest that you have a WF trained tech with access to factory support help solve this issue and setup program and configure parameters for you individual installation. It might just be a programming issue however something made it lose its program and that issue needs to be addressed (control board failure?, keypad shorts?, accidental keypress combo to enter "FF" mode? electrical gremlins?) .

    The only reference that I could find in documentation to "FF" code is here-
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    Thank you! The above procedure seems to have got it back to normal. Do you happen to know what EW and PH mean?
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    PH = Pool Heater Program
    EW = The Water-Water Program
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    Please make sure you are in the correct Program. I assume "H2" EW program is the right one for your NSW.

    Next make sure the parameters are correct for your system per IOManual pages 26-27 here-

    I assume you should be in "secondary mode" which means the NSW is controlled externally with "Y and O" signals. If this is true, the only parameters you have to check are-
    -SL should be "1" secondary mode
    -FP should be "OL" (factory default) for Open Loop -or- "CL" for Closed Loop with 20F antifreeze protection

    Most of the other parameters do not mean anything in secondary control mode.

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