Tennessee Water Furnace 7 and its filters

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by mreason711, Mar 18, 2015.

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    I just built a new house and went with the Water Furnace 7. I have an air return on the living space floor with a 30x30 filter there is also a filter inside the unit itself down in the basement. I have already replaced the filter in the return. Got a message later on my thermostat that said to replace filter. The filter in the return looks fine but the filter in the unit itself is dirty. I asked the salesman where to purchase the filter for the unit and he stated that since the return is filtered I do not need the filter in the unit, that it should have been removed when the unit was turned on. Does that sound correct to anyone? I would assume he knows but the filter is pretty dirty to not be needed. I am afraid to remove the filter if that dirty air is going to be going into the unit unfiltered? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  2. urthbuoy

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    Don't ask the salesman these kind of questions:) I would not remove the units' filter unless I had some mechanical air purifier inline.

    Your unit filter is especially important for the first while after you just built a new home. Lots of particles and junk end up in the sheet metal.

    Your thermostat is likely just telling you to replace the filter based on a timed reminder.

    I don't know where your local supplier is for filters. As they are generally larger than conventional units, you may need to order one.
  3. Stickman

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    Is it best practice to use filters in return grilles in addition to unit filters? I've got a split and have been using only the return grille filter.
  4. urthbuoy

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    Honestly I'm not sure. It depends on you situation and layout.

    Filters are really to protect the equipment. Not so much to improve your breathing air.

    We tend to gravitate to higher and higher MERV, but we need that airflow.

    Whenever air quality is involved in a conversation, we recommend a dedicated air purifier.
  5. Stickman

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    Thanks Chris. Understood about the importance of not restricting the airflow. I am just looking to keep the equipment clean. I've been using 1" pleated filters in the return grille. When I can get to it, I'll take a look at the air coil. If it's still relatively clean, I will leave well enough alone.

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