Pennsylvania Water Furnace 3 vs Climatemaster 22

Discussion in 'Quotes and Proposals' started by Kone, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. Kone

    Kone New Member

    Just throwing it out there. Got bids to replace our 20 yo single stage WF geo. We want to spend no more than 12k oop so we're at the WF 3 2 stage 4 ton (no performance pack) and the Cmaster 22 3.5 ton.

    Thoughts anyone?

    I know the WF is basic contractor grade but in all honesty so is the system we have that we got 20 trouble-free years from. Not bells and whistles but again, we don't have any now.

    Is the 5 series worth another 2k?

    2000 sf 2 story frame home. Will be here another 6-8 years max.

  2. docjenser

    docjenser Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Well...We using both (CM and WF) in commercial installations. I would always go with WF because of higher quality and better support. Performance of 3 series to 5 series is about the same (even if the AHRI rating suggests otherwise, but the expanded tables show that they are very much on par), but I would miss the symphony system.
    5 series is our low end standard, whereas 90% of our residential customer go 7 series.
    But I get you point with 6-8 years in the house max.
  3. Kone

    Kone New Member

    Interesting info. Thanks very much for your input.

    I guess the way we're looking at this decision is we got 20 trouble free years out of what is probably bottom of the line. We want 8 years more for us then have a middle age system adding to our homes value when we sell.
  4. Kone

    Kone New Member

    Got quotes that I can easily stomach for the WF 3, the Climatemaster TZV, and the Carrier GC (all 48s). Across three installers any of which I'd be comfortable going with.

    Quick look by uneducated guy (me) says the Climatemaster is the better value with higher efficiency and more bells and whistles. The Carrier looks good too but comes in over a $k higher.

    Again, we plan to be in this home another 7 yrs max so we're looking for something that we will get good value and performance from while we're here and also have some value when we go to sell down the line.

    Would appreciate any further input. Thanks.
  5. docjenser

    docjenser Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    It is up to the installer to make sure that heat pump runs as specified. Don't fall for the slightly better value suggested by the slightly higher rating

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