Water Furance Envision Problems

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Geocub, Aug 2, 2011.

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    Bringing this back up again, the last two summer have been mild here, not many 90 degree days, which is when this unit struggles to keep up. We have had several days of 90 degree plus. Good news is I found a way to stay comfortable upstairs: manually shut the downstairs ducts off. Unit does ok if I do that but of course it just gets too hot downstairs.

    Water furnace, back to you for help. Looks like my contractor is out of business, he is working for another local firm. Who can help me now?
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    Unfortunately we haven't heard from WF here on the forum for quite a while.

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    reading through your thread it suggests that both your loop and your unit were too small for the actual load. One thing you must consider is that the load calculated by your contractor is incorrect. Your unit cannot keep up with the load, e.g. your HP capacity is to low, and your loop runs too warm, thus also your outside heat exchanger is too small (or too shallow). You are missing both, capacity in the unit and in the loop. Another sign is that your savings were not there in the winter. A 3 ton system might have been more appropriately sized.

    WF cannot help you, they did not design your system, they produce the box (heat pump) and sell it to your installer, like any manufacturer sells it to any installer. Unless you can fingerpoint at something not running correct with your HP, there is nothing they (WF) can do for you. That why it is so important to have the right installer.

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