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  1. francis.carden@gmail.com

    francis.carden@gmail.com Franky of Atlanta

    What GPM would I need for a 4 ton system pumping an open or closed loop system at 50 degree year round water temp. (House is 9000 sq ft).

    I had to move my irrigation river line anyway so had a 150ft trench dug wide enough for plenty of PVC pipe, from the river. So, whilst the trench is dug, in case in future I do go this GEO thermal route (either open or closed loop), I might as well lay as much as I'd ever need before I fill the trench back.

    I was going to lay 2x2" pipe "just because" but if enough water can flow through a 1" pipe, I'll just lay that. Worst case, the pipe sits for years doing nothing :) - In future, of course, I could go totally GEO so that's about 12 Ton's for my house.

  2. waterpirate

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    3gpm per ton for closed loop and as little as 1.5 gpm per ton for open loop depending on the tuneing of your unit after install.
  3. francis.carden@gmail.com

    francis.carden@gmail.com Franky of Atlanta

    Thank you kind so.


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