Michigan Water filtration for open loop

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by BobCurtis, Oct 17, 2022.

  1. BobCurtis

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    My WF 5 series is about three weeks old, so far so good. As the old unit and plumbing came out, it was evident that there is some iron in the well water, but I suspect not much according to the water softener setting. I'm sure the old unit could have used a cleaning or de-scaling, I'd like to keep the new furnace running clean. What kind of filtering can I use, keeping in mind the filter my not be serviced for up to four months during the heating season. Thanks for your ideas
  2. Timothy Fossa

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    You can use a Rusco spin down filter for >100 mil sediment. But I'm not sure how you can get the iron out. The large amount of water flowing through the furnace will trip you up (clogging the filter quickly) and cost a lot to filter normally. Perhaps set up a bi-annual chemical back flush maintenance schedule?
  3. BobCurtis

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    Thanks, I'll look into finding a dealer.

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