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  1. Looby

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    Maybe you forgot to post your FreeProfessionalConsultation voucher?

    Anyhoo, one gratis hint on the subject of "reading": Did you happen to
    notice any of the following terms in either/both of those (non-refereed)
    technical blurbs?

    "cooling tower" , "recirculating" , "evaporation" , "supersaturated"

    ...you're welcome,

  2. AMI Contracting

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    Hmm you managed to insult not only pros here, but any homeowner passer by.
    All because we're not discussing a topic the way you want to discuss it?

    We don't worry about scaling in MI resi systems, if anything we have a little iron build up on the walls, but more commonly drains plug down stream of solenoid.......

    That said you can keep your links- heck I probably would not be able to understand them.:confused:

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