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Discussion in 'Geothermal Loops' started by RogerFeeley, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. RogerFeeley

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    Please be gentle. I like geothermal but don't know much. I know that below 4', the ground temp is around 55 degrees. What I want to know is what sort of loop it would take to cool a 4" square of aluminum down below the dew point. Around here, I think 65 degrees would be fine. For starters, let's assume that we are dealing with a solar pump that pumps maybe 2 gallons/minute.

    Is this something I could build into a stake that I can set into the ground with a post hole digger?
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    It is not clear to me what you want to do or why. Wilo, out of Germany, has had a 32 VDC pump for years.

    What do you want to do with the aluminium plate? Make grilled cheese sandwiches?

    You need to look at a psychometric chart to track dew point. If you look at the chart dew point moves with RH and temperature.
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    What is the temp of the plate going to be?

    What will the temp of the air around the plate be?

    Will the sun be shining on it?
  4. RogerFeeley

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    You're going to laugh

    The purpose of a very small geothermal loop is to create a cool source of condensed water for my dogs. The idea is to cool an aluminum plate sufficiently so that water will condense on it. We notice that when we have drinks in the car, the dogs love to lick the condensed water off the outside of the cups. I just wondered it it would be possible to run a very small solar pump and geothermal loop to cool a small plate (say, 6" square).
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    Hmmmm... I tried to reply last night but it didn't show up.

    The idea is to condense water from the atmosphere for my two small dogs. We noticed that they love to lick the condensation off of soft drink cups and I wondered if it would be possible to create a device that would provide a constant supply of cool water. I had two thoughts: A Peltier chip that would cool a small aluminum plate (say, 4" square), or a geothermal solution involving a modestly sized loop under my lawn and a solar operated pump.

    So, to answer your questions:
    -- I can locate this thing anywhere I want. Certainly, in the shade is desirable and that's what I would do.
    -- The plate is aluminum just to be conductive. I might rethink that because of aluminum toxicity.
    -- Am I completely nuts? Yep. The fun is in the making of it. I'm the guy that made motor operated hot dog sticks. I like to call them personal rotisseries.

    The big question is how deep I would have to go and how big a loop I would have to have to do what I want to do. It just might not be practical.
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    Maybe just bury one of these and go with it. You are looking at very short peak loads I imagine which is a different beast than the steady loads hooked to a compressor-driven heat pump that we deal with.

    ‪Geothermal Pond Loop- HyperLoop‬‏ - YouTube
  7. RogerFeeley

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    Would run all day and be solar powered

    Thanks for the reply and the idea bout the hyperloop. I envisioned this device running under solar power with a panel on top of a pergola I have. The big deal breaker is the disruption to my back yard. I can imagine digging a 6' hole for a stake like thing but not a trench. I may be crazy but I'm not so crazy that I would wreck my back yard to get water for the dogs.

    Maybe that hyperlink can be reduced to just a small diameter.... hmmmm

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