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    Hello! I am writing from Europe country Bulgaria.
    I have another brand Ground source heat pump with direct expansion with capacity of 1 ton.
    The questions are:
    -I want to install it in a vertical drilling 36 meters of copper pipe
    -with what diameter of the copper pipes
    -In horizontal installation if not vertical will be 3/8 copper pipe
    -In horizontal mounting in some places see 30 meters 3/8
    30 m 1/2 joined in the middle and a total of 60 meters
    Other photos evaporator and condenser are 3/8 copper pipe that goes from one end of the condenser and the other end into the evaporator and so few chains.
    Which is correct for this little machine?Links image GSHP 4 pages.
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    Image DX GSHP

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