Maryland Variable Speed Pump Failure - after 4 yrs

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Jamie V., Mar 27, 2019.

  1. Jamie V.

    Jamie V. New Member

    I have a Water Furnace Series 7 that was installed in 2015 and worked flawlessly until last week when I had an error code #16 which indicated a variable speed pump failure. This was confirmed by the technician and they have ordered a new pump for replacement. He also found out that my AUX heat unit was causing a loud buzzing due to stuck relay (we never have needed aux heat so this could have been a problem for years) so that is being addressed as well.

    I was surprised that the pump would fail only after 4 yrs... is this the typical lifespan or did I just have some bad luck? I'm not too concerned this round since it is a warranty replacement but once I get past 10 yrs this part could become a "consumable" which makes me wonder... how easy is this to replace? Is this just a swap out or do is the procedure a more labor intensive (e.g., depressurize the loop)?

  2. nc73

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    I have found that anything that is variable speed will fail prematurely compared to single speed. No such thing as bad luck.
  3. RunTime

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    Can you post a picture of the pump as it is installed? Make and model number too? Pumps can be a diy replacement, it's mostly a matter of managing the water spillage and refill.
  4. Jamie V.

    Jamie V. New Member

    Here is a picture of my pump setup... It is a Grundfos Magna 32-140.

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  5. docjenser

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    Yes, the pump can fail. Not to worry too much, other fail too.

    The 7 series needs a variable speed, so it can maximize the energy savings. Have them put in a new one and move on. Enjoy your 7 series.

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