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    Have any body got info on installing ground loops by just using horizontal direct boring methods? I am getting ready to put in Geo heat and cooling and have been recieving different quotes from contractors. One said he would install loops this way. I talk to a local contractor (Well Driller). Said he been doing jobs for about two years now. Said Water Furnance is impressed with results so far. Any input on this is appreaciated
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    Directional boring is just another method to achieve the same result, feet of pipe in the ground. Typically the instal method you choose is based on price. the pipe does not care whether you: dig,drill,bore.sink as long as you have enough pipe at a given depth to get the job done.
    p.s. there are several commercial jobs up and running with good results that bored the loop field in to minimize impact to existing infrastructure.
  3. NW Ohio has good geology for directional drilling and it yields very good results for often less cost than going vertical and is even comparable in cost to trenching in a lot glaciated soils like your own.

    Generally you want the majority of the loop at 23' deep or under the water table to get to stable earth temperatures. Even then, most of these loops may require a bit more footage per ton on average when modeled in ground loop design software as a good installer should do. Of course you need the necessary footage on your property since the drill stem will pop up out of the ground and actually pull-back the loop. A side benefit is that you can cut a 10" hole in your basement floor and bring the manifold return loop right into this hole with the drill!


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