Use of my outdoor swimming pool in system?

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    Newbie here... making first post.
    I recently bought home w/18000 gallon pool, and am getting ready to do some energy-saving projects, perhaps geothermal heating/cooling. Had energy audit, now looking into incentives... but NOBODY yet has much info on the idea of transfering summer indoor heat to my pool water which I struggle to keep warm enough for swimming (NW USA).

    I figure I need closed-loop exchange tank where my pool pump would send water on its way back to the pool after filtering.

    Since pool water has chemical issues (which would likely affect metals in exchanger), I am guessing I could use a bit of wisdom in the details. My local geothermal-qualified insulation & HVAC contractor was stumped by my queries while they were doing estimates for the insulating of my house.

    Somewhere I heard that for awhile there was such a system out there, but now out of business. I hope there are some resources out there to at least give some advice on whether this is a good idea or not... so I'm putting it out there to YOU! Thanks
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