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  1. AMI Contracting

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    Hi folks,
    What occured to me that might be interesting would be to identify and respond to some of the geo urban legends.
    Hopefully we can keep the discussion non-politcal.

    I'll start:
    Gas Guy says: Everyone knows it costs more to meake heat with electricity. Just run some spaceheaters in your home and see how expensive it is......

    Reality check: with geo you only use electricity to move heat around. you are not making it. therefore geo deliver an average 3.5 to 4 times the heat as an electric baseboard or space heater. What's more if you are around 10 cents per KWH and burning $2.00/gal propane, electricity may cost less to heat your home or hot water.

    Throw in some fun ones and we may have the makings of a Letterman top ten list here.....
  2. waterpirate

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    My all time fave's

    Open loop is more efficent than closed loop

    Variable speed loop pumps are the best

    My electric bill will be zero

    My uncle is a well driller

  3. geome

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    Who needs a "Manual J" when there are "Rules of Thumb"

    You always need a buffer tank (just kidding.)

    A hamster in the blower wheel will cost less over time than an ECM.

    Loops in a graveyard will significantly reduce EWT .

    You can use a WEL to predict ovulation.
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  4. LittleJohnny35

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    "Isnt your house colder because you use geothermal"

    Ummm no its the temperature i set my thermostat to.....same as you
  5. zach

    zach Member Forum Leader

    "you still have a furnace too, right?"
  6. urthbuoy

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    You need other heat when it starts to get cold.

    Are there geothermal zones in your area?

    I can pump it right out of the lake (in Canada).

    My uncle is a plumber/electrician/sheet metal/... We can do it ourselves.

    My house is 2000 sq. ft. Just tell me how much pipe to put in.
  7. geome

    geome Member Forum Leader

    Some more...

    A desuperheater will provide ALL of your hot water needs.

    Regarding humidity and not knowing the geothermal system had a compressor, I had a neighbor ask me - "Isn't the air inside your house like the damp air in a cave?" :) True story.

    You need a lot of land for a geothermal system.

    Joe, perhaps you could include user names next to the line items to give people credit for their suggestions. More than one name could be included in the event of duplicates. It would be nice for the list to be a sticky as well.
  8. AMI Contracting

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    Ovulation???? really? hadn't heard that one:D:D
  9. Hitch

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    Not sure if it's an urban legend, but when people would find out that I was getting a geothermal heat pump, they would ask what I am going to use to cool the house during the summer.

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