Louisiana Uponor hepex changing colors

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by bjl, Dec 19, 2019.

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    About a year ago i noticed a color change on just one of the pex tubings. I have 2 units, miami heat pump 2.5 ton and a 3 ton compressor (2stage) in a 3.5 ton unit. The 3 ton is working flawlessly since i put a stronger pump a few months back. The 2.5 ton was working fine early in the year where recently it has started cutting out with low pressure lockout on heating. It suppose to automatically come back on and after 3 attempts it stays lockout till the computer is reset. It no longer does this. My delta t has always been around 10*. The temp. gauges quit working about 6 months ago and i havent replaced them yet, so i am only assuming the flow is normal. The color change is peculiar because its only the out line from the 2.5 ton. The pex on the domestic hot water changed to a brownish tint, but this is a seperate system. I used distilled water in the main coil. The pex has turned a grayish color. I am going to get some gauges and check refrigerant pressures, but in the meantime was wondering if anyone has seen this before. Pics included. My fear is a refrigerant leak into the water. 20191218_212043.jpg 20191218_212118.jpg
    20191218_212043.jpg 20191218_212043.jpg 20191218_212118.jpg
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    These guys may need a little more information to give you help. I had a similar problem on a split unit and it turned out the fan motor was failing. Are both units tied to the same ground loop? I always fear the worst, when it’s usually something simple. You said your delta T was 10. Was this across the evaporator? Don’t let it do damage if something is not right. Get your pressures and temps on here and someone will help.
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    Finally getting back to work on things. My equipment is a Miami heat pump model #hpx031v-rf-a-hr. Its a 2.5 ton single stage. I had issues this past summer with high water temps. I contributed it to the lack of insulation for the system design, which i recently fixed. My elec. bill was abnormally high and hopefully it didnt cause any issues with the unit. I notice today that my diagnostic light for having power was not on and the low pressure light stays on. Im thinking i may have a faulty control board. The unit stayed running today with the low pressure light on. The gauges held the pressures.

    Jamesck, Its funny you metion the fan motor, i find this one changes speed when it doesn't seem like it should. At random in the middle of a cycle it just slows down. Yes both units are on the same loop, 8 slinkies of 850' @ a depth of 10'. Typically my deltaT has been 10*, but today only showed 6.5*. 80.5* ewt and 87* lwt. Putting the gauges on, the initial pessure was right at 200psi, which seemed good for the temperature, just above 70*. After starting the unit, suction went to 90psi and high went to 275psi. I dont have experience with refrigerants and pressures, so i checked the other unit. It held about the same prestart 200psi. After start it went to 140psi and 295psi. Now this unit is a 3.5 ton, but, compressor went out and they sent me the wrong one, twice. So now i have a 3 ton 2 stage, which is actually what the manual j called for.

    A little guidence on the pressures would be a huge help. If its electrical i got it, but don't want to waste time if i need a pro to come handle the refrigerant. Has anyone seen a hose change colors to a gray tone before? This is why i was thinking a freon leak in the coil.

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