Ohio *** update *** E4- lower pressure / also E2-high pressure

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    System up and running with an interesting side note ...

    Apparently, there are a couple internal breakers on the main board in my Climatemaster Tranquility unit. I attached a picture of the location. One of the breakers was tripped due to the failing pump on my system.

    Interesting that the pumps will power on - and the system sounded normal to me, but with a tripped breaker the pumps were not getting full power.

    *** side note *** I had already picked up a spare pump for my system, again the lower pressure B&D QT system. The (spare) pump was sitting for about 2 1/2 years since the last pump replacement. And have now been told that these pumps need energized every 2 or so years to keep the main capacitor fully charged and functioning.

    Well this spare pump will not turn on when I applied some power. So much for being pro-active and having a spare water pump here for emergency....

    Does anyone know if there is a way to re-energize this capacitor - may be easy enough to source one as well.

    Thanks for any feedback - and keep check your furnace side breakers when replacing a B&D pump !

    Don in Ohio

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