Trane TVGX/Intellizone2 - can i use Aurora WebLink

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Bill Cart, Sep 16, 2018 at 12:24 PM.

  1. Bill Cart

    Bill Cart New Member

    I'm new to forum and searched but did not find any information on this.

    I just install a new 5ton Trane TVGX system with the intellizone 2 controls. From everything I have read my system should be compatible with the Aurora WebLink, but my dealer is not familiar with the Aurora Weblink being a Trane dealer. I have checked my system has the correct ABC rev2/AXB control boards and correct intellizone 2 stats for the Weblink. I just can't find anyone using a Trane TVGX system and the Aurora Weblink. Is there a branding issue since Water Furnace Aurora Weblink isn't Trane Branded? From everything I can find the Water Furnace 7 and the Trane TVGX are identical in every way. I really want the ability to see and have access to my unit online. Any help on this issue would be appreciated. Thanks

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