North Carolina Trane T1GX Aux Heat Wiring

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    I recently replaced a an older (~25 year old) Trane Geothermal unit due to freon leaks. I opted to re-use the aux emergency heater from the old installation since it was like new (never been on). Anyway, the system I installed is the Trane T1GX series, which I soon found out is made by WaterFurnance, and has the Premier Control Board. The question I have is on the wiring for the EM heat.

    It appears the Premier board has 4 stages of EM heat. I have only 1, and want to connect it to the control board. Rather than test the individuals wires that control the EM heat and figure it out, does anyone know which wire color is for Stage 1? Stage 2? Stage 3 Stage 4?

    By looking at the schematic, I appears that Orange, Blue, Pink and white are the 4 stages. Also, does the control board source the 24vac or sink (provide a ground)?

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    I believe the control signal from the Premier Control board to Aux Heat Relay board is 24vdc. You will have to check the relays to see if they are rated for 24vac to work with a different controller.

    The Premier board has had many versions and updates. I believe the later vintages only control 2 stages of aux heat. The aux heat relay board has 4 relays and can run as many banks of heat strips. The aux heat relay board also has a jumper block to join relays to one control signal. This allows more control over which and how many banks come on with the provided control signals and to share the load across relays so they are not over loaded.
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    Thanks for the info geoxne. I know the control relay in my existing EM heat unit is 24vac. I'll check the control voltage before I hook it up. Worst case, I may have to swap out the relay in the EM Heat Box or add a 24vdc relay w indicative kick diode to control the existing relay. Not in a big hurry to get it done when it's this hot. But on the other hand, I don't want to wait around and forget about it either. The main control board is 17P513-07 Rev B 1076-112, with software version (I assume) 1076041B.Prg 12/04/2006, and has a sticker "063" on the Microprocessor. Was a little surprised to see that the software is dated 2006, but on the other hand, WF is probably focused more on their new controller......

    I'm trying to use the control board logic and avoid connecting EM Heat directly to the thermostat.

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