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    Hi all,

    First time poster here. I bought an all electric house and am replacing a Hydro Heat geothermal with issues to take advantage of a home warranty & tax rebate this year. I have an open loop with a Pentek Intellidrive pump control for controlled pressure. From reading here I knew a 7 Series might be questionable with open loop, but both techs I've had say it isn't a problem because of my pump. My home is 2,400 sqft with small ducting but plenty of returns.

    Here is the quote I received from one local company that historically has serviced my geothermal. I already questioned why the efficiencies didn't match the Waterfurnace website and he said it was a typo and forwarded me actual numbers. Please let me know if you have any thoughts or concerns. This forum is awesome and seem to be some clear experts. The next quote was at 17k for 7 series.

    Recommended replacement of existing HydroHeat unit using existing ductwork and registers:
    WaterFurnace 7 Series NVV036A variable-capacity 3 ton reversing geothermal heat pump, 5.9 / 4.3 COP
    heating and 53.2 / 31.7 EER cooling with cupronickle water coil, R410A refrigerant, variable speed ECM
    blower, Aurora performance and refrigerant monitoring, 10 Kw auxiliary strip heat, and 10 year limited
    (ltd.) parts and labor allowance warranty
    Water Furnace touch screen programmable thermostat with new control wiring
    Healthy Climate HC11 high efficiency media air cleaner with 16” x 25” x 5” pleated MERV 11 filter
    Goliath drain pan with auxiliary drain to set heat pump on with auxiliary drain line to floor drain by unit
    Connect to existing ductwork at unit
    Connect to existing supply /discharge piping by unit
    New 2” Rusco water strainer with blow-down valve and hose connector – New flow meter with bypass
    New well water kit with modulating water valve and pressure reducing valve
    New ¾” PVC drain line run to floor drain by unit
    Professional installation by Lennox Premier Dealer and IGSHPA accredited installer
    Connect to existing heat pump and auxiliary electric strip heat circuits
    Applicable tax and mechanical permit included
    Removal and recycling of old oil furnace
    Above For $ 14,570.00

    Optional 3 ton geothermal heat pump with 10 KW strip heat and standard programmable thermostat:
    1) WaterFurnace 5 Series NDV038A dual-capacity 3 ton reversing geothermal heat pump, 4.7 / 4.6 COP
    heating and 33.0 / 24.5 EER cooling with cupronickle coil, R410A, 5-speed ECM blower, Intelli-start,
    Aurora performance and refrigerant monitoring 10 Kw auxiliary electric heater,10 year ltd. parts warranty
    and 5 year ltd. labor allowance – For $ 11,790.00

    2) WaterFurnace 3 Series LDV036A dual-capacity 3 ton reversing geothermal heat pump, 4.5 / 4.3 COP
    heating and 27.3 / 21.8 EER cooling with cupronickle coil, R410A, 5-speed ECM blower, Intelli-start, 10
    Kw auxiliary strip heat, and 5 year ltd. parts warranty and 2 year ltd. labor allowance – For $ 9,780.00

    Potential credits/rebates (see individual program for details, eligibility and availability):
    - $300 Consumers Energy rebate for 19 EER heat pump;
    - 30% federal tax credit

    Optional Lennox/Healthy Climate accessories installed with above:
    1) PureAir duo-technology air purifier – Add $550.00 3) HCWP18 power humidifier with control – Add $450.00
    2) CarbonClean16 5” air cleaner, MERV 16 – Add $100.00
    Payment to be made as follows (chose one):
    A) Twenty five percent (25%) down with signed proposal and balance due on completion;
    B) Five percent (5%) discount with cash or check payment in full at time of order; or
    C) Twelve months NO payment and NO interest with approved credit per terms and conditions
    To order, circle desired option(s) and payment method, sign proposal and return one copy. Prices are good for 14 days.

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