Ontario Time of Use Hydro and Geothermal

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    The most expensive time to consume hydro in Ontario right now (winter months) is between the hours of 7am-11am and 5pm-7pm. Pricing is 8.3 cents off-peak and 17.5 cents on-peak (more than double the cost!). 11am-5pm is mid peak (12.8 cents).

    What would be cheaper in the long run?

    a) Long runtimes in Stage 1 and 2 with shots of Aux heat during those on-peak and mid-peak times
    b) lowering the thermostat a few degrees during the day to save money during on and mid-peak times and then ramping back up to normal temps during off-peak times?

    Does it make sense to turn up my Ecobee 3-4 degrees at 7pm at night and eat the cost of aux heat during the cheaper rate period or using a "set it and forget it" mentality all day and absorb the costs of increased runtimes during the most expensive time of use pricing?

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    Don't you want to be comfortable?
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    This would be when no one is home.
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    Running your auxiliary heat even at the cheapest time is still more expensive then running in stage 1 or stage 2 at the most expensive time. If your figure a COP of 3 ( your probably higher ) the cost to heat can be thought of compared to auxiliary heat as 17.5/3= 5.833 cents compared to your off peak electricity of 8.3 cents. Something to think about.
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    Faced with those peak times I'd configure programmable thermostat to load the house with heat from 3 or 4 AM until 7 AM and then again if needed from 3PM to 5PM.

    Use the thermal mass of the house to minimize usage during the pricey on-peak periods. Avoid aux heat during peak times outside of extreme cold events.
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    This is another old topic, but there is room for cost savings .

    Storing heat by raising the temperature in your rooms is a start, but how about some design changes to store more energy. Like adding a water to water geothermal heat pump to heat water in several 100 gallon plus tanks during the off peak periods then pumping the water through the home for heating during peak periods. I would think you could come up with a storage method for the hot water to carry the house for the 2 two hour peak times. Using some math you could calculate how much water and to what temperature the water would have to be heated for the amount of BTUs you would need during the Peak 2 hours.

    I once lived in a log home that had an electric boiler plus a wood burner boiler. The water was circulated to each room of the house with a Bell & Gosset pump that made the pipes sing. Each room had a radiator.

    You could also use tubing in the floors or under the floors if you have a basement, to heat some spaces, like you see installed on those home improvement shows.

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