Thrilled with my new geo system!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by sunnyflies, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. sunnyflies

    sunnyflies Member Forum Leader

    I am so happy I decided to put in a geothermal system. It's just wonderful!

    Our 170 year old house is actually warm now! I keep checking the thermostat, which is set at 68º, just to see if the unit is actually running because it doesn't make much noise. I've discovered that it runs on the first stage with long periods of being off, in spite of the weather being in the low twenties. The only time I've seen both 1st and 2nd working was when it was first turned on and the house was chilly after having no heat for many hours while the fossil fuel furnace was switched out for the geo unit.

    I am trying to time the cycles, but the sound of the system running is so soft that it's not always easy to tell whether it's off or on, unless I am on the first floor near where it's located in the basement. I'd heard that they were quiet, but had no idea how quiet.

    Our old oil furnace definitely let us know when it turned on by clanking noisily first, then shuddering the ducts around, as did the temporary high efficiency propane gas furnace we had for a few months, though to a lesser degree. This geothermal unit is using exactly the same ducts, but is so quiet. No clanking, no ducts shuddering and no loud rush of hot air. What an improvement!

    I have a six ton WaterFurnace envision with a closed loop well system consisting of four 285' wells. (See "Tribute to well diggers thread" for pictures.) My project is still not completed as I will be adding on to my house and the ductwork will be changed around when that happens, but so far so very, very good!

    Thank you everyone who kindly posted information for people like me to find and read, and thank you especially to those who patiently answered my endless questions, listened to my frustrations and encouraged me to keep going. I truly appreciate your help.

    The most important thing I learned from this forum was to look for an experienced installer and an experienced well driller. I was fortunate to find both.
  2. teetech

    teetech Member Forum Leader

    It's great to hear positive experiences with GSHP.
    I am very happy for you!
    If everyone followed your advice there would be more.
  3. sunnyflies

    sunnyflies Member Forum Leader

    Thank you! I am still really delighted with it. It was 22º outside when I went downstairs this morning and the house felt so cosy. I caught it in stage 2 at 7 am, but it went back to 1 a few minutes later and has stayed there since, when it's not off.

    I haven't posted pictures lately because I've not had a chance. But, here are a few that show the insulated geo pipes next to an ancient beam. I like the pictures especially because so many people told me my house could not be heated with geo due to its great age. They would walk around my basement, look at those beams, realize that the planks above the beams were actually the floorboards of the first floor and shake their heads - or panic and tell me I'd need to double the size of the system.

    I hope other people with pre-1900 houses look seriously into getting geothermal systems, because as I have found, they do work in an old house. You just need the right installer. A sound bit of advice I read on this forum time and again.
  4. zach

    zach Member Forum Leader


    I am thrilled to hear of your successful install.

    I plan to finish my install this summer.

  5. geome

    geome Member Forum Leader

    Congratulations. If you think you are excited now, wait until you compare your utility costs for the old vs the new system. When everything is working right, it's hard not to brag about geothermal.

    Edit: Just spoke to my neighbor. He has a similar sized house with 13 SEER air source heat pumps. For the month of December, his total electric bill was $280, ours was $150. Based on his and my electric usage in shoulder months, I estimate that $60 of our bill was for heating and hot water. For him I estimate $170 for the same.
  6. Dilbert65

    Dilbert65 Member

    I am glad to here your happy. I am delighted with my new system also and can not wait to compare my electric usage with my past 6 years of propane use.

    I have been reading my electric meter daily for months and also got monthly usage charts from the propane company which includes avg. temperatures. I should be able to do some fairly accurate comparisons.
  7. firegood

    firegood New Member

    Glad to hear that you are happy with your new system. I am new to this web page but have taken an interest in your posts because I am from Long Island too. You seem to be happy with the installer that you used. What company did you use for the install?
  8. moondawg

    moondawg Member

    I love that. The guy who did the excavation for my ground loops (his first) was out to fix some other work (he really effed up my yard.... I digress) and asked me how the geothermal was working. I said it was great, and that my biggest bill during last year's cold snap was $220. He also has 2x ASHP, and a similar sized house. His highest bill last year? $800. I assume he'll be dealing with that again when he gets this month's bill.
  9. susanhoover

    susanhoover New Member

    What is the square footage of you house?
  10. sunnyflies

    sunnyflies Member Forum Leader

    My house is 2450 sq ft

    My system has deliberately been oversized to accomodate an addition I will be putting on shortly. My old oil furnace developed a crack in its heat exchanger and I needed an alternative source of heat. This was the best solution.

    I hope you will soon be able to solve the problems you have been having with your new system so that you can begin enjoying it. Best of luck to you.
  11. sunnyflies

    sunnyflies Member Forum Leader

    My system just passed inspection by my local utility company which will be giving me a lower electric rate during the heating season :D

    The inspector complimented it as a very nice installation and said that too often that was not the case when he inspected geothermal systems. So I am happy! He said this one will probably pay for itself in about six years, which is what I'd figured based on my horrible oil bills in the last few years. Of course, I told him who had put it in - credit where credit is due.

    I was sorry to learn that he sees too many not so nice intalls because that probably means quite a few people are not getting the best systems, which won't do much to promote geothermal around Long Island.

    As he was examining the set up in my basement, I told him I had tried to learn as much as I could about geothermal systems before buying one - he really approved of that and said more people should be doing so - and, that I'd found out that I should use the most experienced installer by going to this website. To my surprise, he stopped what he was doing and beamed. It turned out that he's very familiar with geoexchange and thinks it's a great resource. Nice to hear.
  12. urthbuoy

    urthbuoy Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    So can we expect Sunnyflies Geothermal shortly? :D
  13. geome

    geome Member Forum Leader

    2,400 sq ft. We are in VA. December was about 19% colder than last year in our area based on heating degree days (HDD). Ona seems to be the resident expert on HDD - Thanks Ona!
  14. sunnyflies

    sunnyflies Member Forum Leader

    Never! :roll:

    But, I will certainly be singing geothermal's praises.

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