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    I am glad I have come across this site to read about everyone's experiences and sharing of knowledge. Although I have been reading tons of posts the past few days I always feel like my situation is more complex that what I read about. So I am in Maryland and I have BGE for utilities and they offer a $100 dollar energy audit which I am in the works of getting done so I have a better understanding of my energy inefficiencies. That is at least a first start. I feel like my house is rather complicated for a variety of reasons.

    Back in July I purchased a historic house of 6000 square ft originally built in 1760. Approximately 3000 sq feet of that is an addition that was built in 2001. The original part of the house has original 6x6 windows, 12 ft ceilings, original doors. Original construction is about 14 inch thick brick walls with plaster interior. There is also a finished basement of about 1000 sq ft. The house has 2.5 stories(finished attic) and a basement - 6 bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms, and is not open concept at all.6 people live in the house. I added a photo and circled the original part of the house. We also have about 6.5 acres which are under a conservation easement so assuming the historical society would approve this upgrade we likely would have to drill wells rather than tear up the grounds.

    The house has a 300 gal oil tank for a 70+ year old furnace with 13 zones for radiant heating through radiators in the original part of the house and baseboard in the newer addition and basement in addition to only radiant floor heating in the master bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, and closet.

    In addition there are 3 propane fueled fireplaces, 1 in the kitchen, 1 in master bedroom, 1 in the tv room and 2 wood burning fireplaces that we do not use. We also use propane for the burner in the kitchen with a 100 gal propane tank.

    We have 3 electric water heaters (about 15 years old) that range from 50-80 gallons.
    Central air conditioning throughout the house in addition to 1 vent free direct ac unit in the tv room.
    Our main appliances are 2 energy star refrigerators, 2 24"washer machines, 2 24" electric vent free dryers, 2 bosch dishwashers, dacor stove.

    Since our electric bill is roughly 275-350$ a month and this winter so farwe are spending about 600-700 a month on oil, plus about 250$ every few months on propane I thought it might be time to look into geothermal before the tax credit starts to dissipate over the next few years. I am pretty worried what the quotes for geothermal are going to cost since I feel like as soon as people see our house the price gets jacked up. I'd love to add the ground mount solar panels too but that might just have to wait to see another day

    Anyway here's to joining the geoexchange and more reading and getting quotes!

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    That is a much newer house but has radiant with water to water heat pumps. Has a water to air heat pump for a certain area.

    This house has all radiators with a high temp water to water heat pump, thermostatic valves at each radiator. Tamar 's story documented here on the forum, lots of problems with the original install.

    Docjenser is the Designer/ installer of the first house listed. It takes a very talented professional to create a complex geo system like you will need.
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    What is your annual oil usage in gallons, and what is your approximate location? We can help matching your oil/propane usage with your weather data.
    A couple high temperature heat pumps (2x5 tons), tying it into your existing infrastructure, radiant, baseboard, cast iron, comes to mind. Also a dedicated water-water for your hot water use (with 6 people certainly useful).

    You can use them in the summer for additional A/C usage via chilled water send to hydronic air handlers. We did a church that way once, think about your house like a small church....see attached. Pretty much plug and play.

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    I put out a request to our energy providers for electric, propane, and oil numbers. I have not received anything back from the propane company but we have a 100 gallon tank that was filled up in October 7 2018, and got a refill of 44 gallons November 15 and a refill of 65 gallon on December 18. Attached is the oil fuel usage dating back to 2007, though we have only lived in the house since July 2018. There is a period of time when no one lived at the house from 2013 to middle of 2017. For the Calendar year of 2018 the annual fuel usage was 1578.5. There is no data for the beginning of 2017 but for the beginning of fall winter from August - December 2017 790.4 gallons were used. Our location is Jessup, MD 20794

    Oil_1.JPG oil_2.JPG oil_2.JPG Oil_1.JPG Oil_1.JPG oil_2.JPG Oil_1.JPG oil_2.JPG
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    I was also looking at the soil classification guide regarding the soil type around our property and its mostly LrF (Legore-Relay gravelly loams, 25-65% slopes, very stony) and LeC Legore silt loam, 8-15% slopes, stony. Most of the property is LeC and turns to LrF has it approaches the bank down to the Little Patuxent River in the backyard which is an elevation change of about 70 feet (230-300 - see attachments). Just curious from a driller's perspective how this information might be used and if right off the bat they would see issues or anything positive.

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    Also received electricity usage for the past 12 months ...

    The average usage and cost from the last 12 months is as follows:

    Annual Electric: 32128 kWh
    Average cost: $3,974.85
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    Just wondering, how did you have a 626 gallon oil delivery for a 300 gallon tank? Jan 2008.
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    Back in 2008 there used to be a 1000 gallon underground tank, but that was taken out and replaced in 2017.
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    found a nice photo of the power plant general sherman.JPG
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    Alright got my first quote for geothermal! 150,000$$ sounds like this is a dream not coming true

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