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  1. easter

    easter New Member

    I need to change my thermostat and the one I got is a Honeywell @TH8320R1003. The old one is #TH8320U1016. I need to know if the wiring is the same as I have to change the base . I live in a rural area and the cost to get a tech. is prohibitive. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Tamar

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    There should be an 800 number right on the thermostat and/or the literature. A quick call and the rep will be able to tell you any differences.
  3. geoxne

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    The wire terminal labels should be the same. Make sure you are reading the labels in the Heat Pump column. Taking a picture of the existing wired base will help as a reference.

    Once powered up the new thermostat will require you to answer questions about your installed equipment for proper operation. Intimate knowledge of your system is required for best operation.

    Your new thermostat can do almost anything. Full 140 page product data is here-
  4. easter

    easter New Member

    Thanks guys for your help. Finally got around to install thermostat today and it works fine.

    Wow,140 pages to show install of thermostat. Wonder what the spaceship manual looks like.
    Thanks again.

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