Thermostat readings for WF 7 via AWL

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by reb214, Jul 19, 2017.

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    I just had my new WF 7 (5 ton, open loop) installed as part of a new construction (4600 sq ft) a little over a week ago. It has 5 zones, and thus far has been only having to sip power to keep the house cooled to 74 F, even with it being in the 90s F here in PA lately. My concern is humidity ongoing down the road. The geo does crank way back to about 20k BTU heat of rejection, and runs on low speed for several hours total a day, and that's keeping the humidity around 53% on the Master Stat. If I turn down the thermostat to 72F, it will crank up the geo and run at 60k BTU, and the humidity will drop into the 40%'s. My question is two fold:

    1) When I look at my Symphony portal, and it shows all 5 zones, the temperatures are all independent (which I'd expect), but all the humidity readings are always the same. Is the reading only coming from the Master Stat? Or do all 5 thermostats read humidity levels in their zones? I'm wanting to particularly watch my finished basement zones, as they have not had to run hardly at all. Are those readings that say 53% on all 5 zones really their readings? Or just repeating the Master zone reading? I'm going to buy some humidity monitors to check the areas downstairs.

    2) Since I have a pretty tight envelope (spray foam on ceilings, and rim joists, batt in walls but foam board taped and sealed on exterior of house), and seeing the minimal cooling load needed now when it's in the 90's, how should I expect things to be when it's in the 80's or upper 70's? Will humidity become a problem then with the minimal run times I'd be expecting? I'm not worried about infiltration so much as just getting out the humidity associated with the new house. Should I just get a portable dehumidifier for this period of time to assist in getting out the moisture given off by the new house?
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    1) Relative humidity is sensed only at the MasterStat with the Intellizone2 system. I would monitor the humidity in the basement and use a portable dehumidifier if required. 40% to 60% RH is considered the comfort zone but some people are more sensitive than others.

    2) The shoulder season can be tough to get any dehumidification from any AC system if the is no demand. Again the solution would be a dehumidfier.

    The Series 7 does have an Active Dehumidification mode that can be configured in setup. When the humidity rises above set point the system will over cool up to 2 degrees F to help bring the humidity down.

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