Thermostat - differential setting (WF 7-series)

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    Can anyone explain how these settings work on the intellizone 2 master stat? I just had this system installed, and am curious about how these differentials should be set to optimize the system, and reduce the run time for the higher stages of the compressor.

    From the factory the settings were all at 0.5C for stage 1, 2, and 3. Would it be best to increase the value for stage 2 and 3 to promote running longer in stage 1?
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    The IntelliZone2 system is based on 3 heat stage calls (H1,H2,H3) and 2 cool stage calls (C1,C2) from EACH thermostat in the system. With these calls along with many other settings including Staging, Zone Percentage, Zone Priority, and Differential, the IntelliZone2 calculates what speed to run the compressor based on the settings above and cumulative thermostat calls from all zones. To further add to the "stage" confusion the energy reports track usage as stage 1 (compressor speeds 1-6) and stage 2 (compressor speeds 7-12).

    The Differential setting is the temperature between your setpoint and thermostat calls H1-3 and C1-2. For example with a heating setpoint of 70F and the default settings of .5 the thermostat will call H1 at 69.5F, H2 at 69.0F, and H3 at 68.5F.

    The differential settings can be changed according to your personal (or the Mrs.) tolerance to temperature swings.
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    Thanks geoxne! That definitely gives me a better understanding than the manual did.
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