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    I have been around here asking questions for several months, and getting great answers as well as the guidance on how how to figure out most of the answer myself.

    Current system: 3 Ton 10 seer AC/Heat pump backed up with Oil. (which currently is low on freon).
    Running software to do price comparisons it shows me exactly what I am currently using all the way down to the number of gallons of oil.

    After doing several Manual J calculations using different software packages, and the advice from the experts here, I understand I really need a 2 ton system to heat/cool my space. (plus the way the current system works backup's the idea its over sized).

    I already have a well that at one time was for drinking water (not being used), but it needs to be made deeper, to meet the local "boots on the ground" suggestions for my area. Plus installing loop, grouting, running pipe to home, etc = $4500.

    I have been looking at a higher end 2 stage Geo system.

    These prices reflected below are rounded off, but anybody searching the internet can find prices and I am not listing manufactures or models. Included in prices below is paying someone to come startup the equipment to maintain warranty.

    2 ton, 2 stage, including everything I need to install it myself = $7000.00
    2 ton, single stage bottom end Geo and everything I need to install it = $3500.00
    I also compared this to an Air source Heat pump, 16 seer, 2 stage, variable-speed air handeler, with 95% Propane burner for $3500.

    Now several cost calculations show me as follows.
    The High end system will save me $60.00 per month. after putting out $11,500
    The low end system will save me $55.00 per month, after putting out $8000.00
    Air source Heat pump will save me $35.00 per month, after putting out $3500.00

    I tend to be leaning away from Geo at this point. I just don't see the savings as enough to spend the extra money that could be going towards paying my Daughters collage bill.
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    For what it's worth, your project might be worth one last look. See attached - pages 10-12 will be of most interest to you.

    The numbers are based on the info you've provided across multiple forum posts. ASHP operating cost calculations were based on an HSPF=7 and SEER=15 after being adjusted based on your location (more info about that here: ASHP vs. GSHP | GeoConnections Inc.).

    A few notes:
    Average life expectancy for air source equipment obviously varies, but the avg. is approx. 12 years
    Average life expectancy for geo equipment also varies, but the avg. is approx. 25 years
    On average, you can expect to have to purchase two ASHPs over the life of one GSHP unit
    As you can see in the report, if you spend an extra $4500 for the base GSHP system - you could reasonably expect to save approx. $40-45/month with geo compared to air source and possibly $20,000 over life of the system.

    Obviously, I made some assumptions here that may or may not have been good and I am biased toward geo. The only point I'm trying to make is that there are a few more things to consider.

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    Thanks Ryan, I will review this when I get home.
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    I'd be careful of doityourself purchased equipment that requires local company startup to activate warranty. One company who suggests that first offers kits that are incomplete in a brand nobody deals with and by the way local installers aren't always in the business of assissting out of town competition.
    Put differently, I don't think your guestimated costs are complete.
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    For what it's worth, assuming minimal costs associated with matching the system up with the ductwork, electrical service, etc. - $8k would be about the going rate for a 2-ton geo retrofit in SD (things tend to be cheaper here). But Joe's right - your costs are on the lower end of the spectrum, especially for a new build.
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    Any one can get a 2 ton and a few loops for 8K, what the popular over the counter (undesigned) sale company likes to do though is bundle a few pcs and neglect to tell you what else you need.
    Some examples are electric infrastructure, permits, fusion/flush equipment, custom sheet metal etc. Thousands lurk to suprise the unwary.

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