Thank You Phil...

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Bergy, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. Bergy

    Bergy Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    for another great year for this forum. I wish you, and your family, a very happy and safe holiday season!!

  2. Palace GeoThermal

    Palace GeoThermal Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Yes for sure Thanks to Phil.
  3. engineer

    engineer Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Roger that

    What I like best about this site is that it stays on track with a minimum of shenanigans, back-biting, and censorship.

    There are occasional breaches of decorum, but they are minor and short-lived.
  4. waterpirate

    waterpirate Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Here Here!
    I agree. Having dabbled in the tech world with our own site, and then abandoned it. It is a crap load of work to maintain a forum and keep the spammers and xxxx stuff out, let alone moderate a forum.
    Thank you Phil
  5. tstolze

    tstolze Member

    Thanks to Phil and everyone who helps. I have found myself frequenting the forums several times a day. :)

    Merry Christmas to all!
  6. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader


    TY to you and GEO for all this fun. Hope your not in the flood.

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. All 9 candles where lit.

    We are looking forward to 2011.
  7. Forum Admin

    Forum Admin Administrator Staff Member Forum Leader

    Thanks guys and happy holidays to you and yours.

    and thank you for all your contributions to the forum. You the members make this forum what it is!

    Looking forward to another year!

  8. zach

    zach Member Forum Leader


    From a homeowner always looking to learn, thanks.

    And, to the board pros, thanks for your willingness to share and teach.

    Happy New Year everyone

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