Tax credits and high velocity air handlers

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    Looking forward to hearing more after your brain rests and recharges.

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    What would you like to know? We are debreifing ourselves. I had forgotten what a nice space michigan is.
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    What was done to get the machines to switch from heating to cooling w/o the homeowner having to do so outside of a t-stat setting? I seem to recall that being one issue?
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    11 hours later:

    It took Joe and me the better part of two days to get a feel for what the installer of the control system was trying to do. The system has 9 Tekmar t-stats that control the radiant floor system, these are tagged to a Tekmar 268 boiler control boiler control with outdoor reset. The five air-handlers are controlled by heat pump t-stats using the transformers in the geo units. The issue became two fold. First is the issue of mixing and matching the transformers second is that running cooling to specific heat pumps feeding 300 plus gallons of buffering tank will take way to long to do. Dropping from 85* to 40* means moving a big bunch of BTUH.

    Our short term goal is to make the heat pumps in cooling mode responsive to the storage tanks, not to the area looking for cooling. Long term is to take the entire HVAC system to a Control4.

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