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Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Newt, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. Newt

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    Hi folks! New to the forum because of course, I have a problem/question. First, here is what I have. An Envision WaterFurnace closed loop system in a two story home with two forced air zones, each controlled by separate thermostats (both stats areTA32W01). This a new system put after a house fire about 5 years ago. Love it, and has been working fine since installed.
    Problem: The upstairs zone will not heat or cool. Mostly concerned about cooling now. :) The downstairs zone works fine. On the upstairs stat where the room temp should be displayed there are three dashes ---.
    What I have done: I am assuming the furnace is ok since it works fine on the downstairs zone. Then I replaced the batteries in the stat, and yes, i checked the new batteries first. Following the directions in my TA32W01 owners manual, I did the "reset operation" by removing the batteries and disconnecting the R and C terminals. This did not change anything. Then I did the "reset configuration settings" to bring everything back to factory settings. This did not work. When I set the cooling temp and slowly lower the setting a degree at a time, when I get to the room temp (from a handheld thermometer) , or a degree lower, I hear the familiar "Click", but nothing happens.
    My question(s)? I don't know what else to do. Do I simply have a bad thermostat? Or is there something else I can do to diagnose the problem? Any advice would be sincerely appreciated.
  2. urthbuoy

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    Did it every work?

    Your thermostats need to coordinate their communication through a zone board - likely mounted on/near the heat pump. The zone board then talks to the heat pump and zones actuators. Look for your zone board and see if it's getting the call from the thermostat.
  3. Tamar

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    The stat may be wired wrong or not getting power. The fact that it clicks means it is trying to close a circuit between 2 wires to communicate with the zone board. I'm certainly no expert (other than the fact that I worked for Honeywell on their thermostat 800 customer service line in the early '90s), but I would wonder if maybe the power wire is not providing power, so when the stat closes the circuit, no signal is sent.

    When I used to speak to homeowners, they were able to pop the thermostat off the wall and after determining which wire was which, touch the wires together and see if that turned on their unit. If it didn't, the stat was fine. Is there a number on the stat for service?

    I'm kinda thinking that the dashes mean there's a problem with the power wire.
  4. Mark Custis

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    I am with Tamar, she knows more about thermostats than the guys that design them. Yo need to be able to "see" if there is power coming from the zone control board. A cheap electric meter will do. If there is power at R and C a simple additional test would be disconnecting R and G from the stat and jumper the two wires if the fan comes on buy a new stat. Or take the old one to be tested.

    I go into disability /retirement and all the geo stuff in Ohio breaks down?

  5. Newt

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    urthbuoy, Good thought. I have looked at the zone board before. It is full of removable fusses, like the one's in cars. We did have a lightning storm a few nights ago. Maybe a spike popped a fuse or something like that. I will give it a look over and see if I can find something. And yes, it has worked wonderfully since installed about 5 years ago. Thanks.
  6. Newt

    Newt New Member

    Thanks Tamar,
    I am confident it is wired correctly as this is the original thermostat professionally installed when the system was new about 5 years ago. I also know it is getting power as I checked it with a volt meter. And I am kinda lucky that I can, and did, check the voltage on the properly working downstairs thermostat to see if it is the same. It is. I like to try to fix a lot of my own stuff when I can. I sort of feel I am dumb enough to try, and smart enough to know when to back off, or stop. This stat has 8 wires coming up from down there somewhere. I'm sort of afraid to start tapping wires together to see what happens. Now on one of the old round two wire Honeywell's in my rentals, I'm with you. Tap the wires together and hear if the gas valve clicks. But on this thing, I wouldn't know where to start.
  7. Newt

    Newt New Member

    Thanks Mark,
    So this is your fault? If only you had kept working I wouldn't have to type my fingers to the nub. :) urthbuoy had a pretty good idea about checking the zone board. If all the fusses in there look good I will give your R to G jumper a shot. Thanks for the advice and enjoy your time off. Other than when you are helping bumbles like me... :)
  8. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader

    I still work. I just can not walk. I do enjoy getting some dander up from some folks who think they know GOD'S mind.

    It is not hot, it is not cold, I will drive over and take a look if you wish that to happen.

  9. Newt

    Newt New Member

    Thanks to your collection of great ideas, I am pleased to report everything is working! Not exactly sure why, but it is. Here is what I did. As prompted by urthbuoy I took the cover off the intellizone panel to take a look-see. Just as I remembered, there is a bunch of fusses, pretty lights and other stuff in there. That's my highly technical observation. After turning all the power off, I figured I would start with the lone fuse in the top right corner. And sure enough, this 5 amp fuse was blown! Great. It is a lot easier to fix something when there is actually something visibly broken. I checked all the other fusses and they were fine. I replaced the blown fuse and powered up the system. Confidently I went up stairs thinking I got this cat by the tail and guess what? No change. Still the three dashes and no function from this thermostat. Gotta admit I felt a little dejected, set the stat to "off" and went to my chair to read and pout. Shortly thereafter, my wife feeling bad for me (ain't she sweet) told me it is too bad it didn't work as the thermostat says it is 57 degrees in the room. I jumped up and went to look and sure enough, a wonderful 57 where the three dashes used to be. This is the first time since I started working on this problem that ANY numbers appeared in the room temp location. Based on my table top thermometer, the room temperature was 79. I set the unit to cool, fan on auto, and started moving the activation temperature setting down from 85, one degree at a time. When I hit 78, I heard the familiar "Click" so I stopped and waited. In a minute or two I heard the fan kick on, then heard the compressor kick in as the "stage 1" appeared on the stat screen. Yep, it was working (cooling) but the actual room temperature was way off. I no longer had a reason to sit and pout and it was actually getting pretty late so decided to call it a night. To be safe I set the stat to "off" and called it a night. The room temp was still way off this morning before I went to work and I didn't try it again. This afternoon the first thing I did was find the actual room temperature on the stat was now matching my table top thermometer. Setting the stat to cool as I lowered the activation temperature it clicked on as soon as I hit the displayed room temp. Voilà! It works perfect. In my mind, the only loose end is the question, why did the fuse blow? Never happened before, and it seems to be holding so far. Maybe just a small voltage spike or something else, but either way, it is working now and I will play the wait and see game. Thanks a ton to all of you for your very kind and timely assistance. Now I can relax and read some of the other great info on this form to raise my geothermal IQ a little. :)
  10. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader

    I would need to see a print of the zone board to know what your fuse protects. My guess 24 vac from zone board to t stat. I would go looking for the why it blew sooner than later.

    If you want to know about the controls I would have you start with finding out how electrons in a control system work.

    Where is this bastion of un-see-able electron movement. I am hiding out in Willard, Ohio, and I have never let fear and common sense to get in the way of a road trip.

  11. Newt

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    Thanks for the offer and I would really enjoy a chance to have you stop by and share your knowledge. At the moment I am slammed with a couple of big projects at The University of Akron where I work. When things lighten up in a week or so, maybe we can plan a get-together at my place in Randolph, Oh? Looks like we are about 1 1/2 hours apart.
  12. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Let me know.

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