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Discussion in 'Geothermal Heat Pump Applications' started by GCI, Jul 5, 2011.

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    My parents just bought a cabin in the Black Hills and want to be able to monitor house temp. remotely so they can get notifications if something goes wrong, change set point before they arrive, etc.

    I already have a few ideas but I wanted to see if anyone out there has a suggestion or two.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Do they internet at the cabin? If so check out http://www.welserver.com/intro.htmhttp://www.welserver.com/intro.htm
  3. GCI

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    They do have wireless internet out there. I had considered the WEL logger but since they don't have a geo unit in the cabin :)mad:), I thought it might be overkill.

    Can you set up a WEL logger to send a warning if the space gets below a certain temp?

    This is the system I'm looking at for them: http://www.trane.com/Residential/Products/Remote-Thermostat

    It will send email and text message alerts for maintenance reminders, if the home gets outside of your allowable temp. range, etc. It looks like you can even connect this system to the locks on the front door, security cameras, appliance outlets, etc.
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    Ecobee has a product we are going to start plaing with.
  5. GCI

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    That option actually looks better than the Trane product. Thanks!
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  7. Altnrgy

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    What's the approximate price of the ecobee smart stat?

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    I have been using this with good results so far.

  9. Altnrgy

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    I just learned that BayStats are not compatible with HughesNet satellite internet service at this time. They are aware the matter but are have yet to identify the actual problem due to HughesNet being so difficult to work with.

    From what I can tell they do more than the EcoBee stat and cost around 1/3 less. Their interface might not be as fancy but that could be a good thing for most people.

    I don’t work for them. I just wish I could use them but my only option is HughesNet for internet.

    I've got two zones so I'm looking at over $700 for a pair of EcoBee's. Any other suggestions for internet enable stats that don’t break the bank?

    Best, T
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    I am not sure of the coverage for your area, from my Storm Chasing Hobby I learned about this company. Millenicom | High Speed Wireless Broadband

    I believe they use Verizon and Sprint networks, I know several in the Chasing community that have been very pleased with the service.

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