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  1. K. M.

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    I am going through the process of buying a home that has a nearly 25 year old system and would love some experienced advice. The home is a short sale situation and when inspecting the geothermal system there were a couple of issues. First off the loop was not pressurized and when bringing it up one of the pumps on the flow control was leaking. Also it was in an error state to begin with due to the compressor locking out. I imagine this may be due to a possible refrigerant leak and since it's an old system refrigerant is hard to find and costly. I asked the technician to shoot me a replacement quote assuming the ground loop is still in good condition and it came back quite a bit higher than expected. Looking online I would think it should be somewhere between 8-12k to replace and install. Am I missing something? How much should I expect to pay? Thank you for your time and consideration with any help.
  2. arkie6

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    What size unit? Single stage, two stage, or variable speed? A new flow center as well? 1 or 2 pumps?

    Also, I think the full 30% federal tax credit is still in effect through the end of this year.
  3. Paul Westbrook

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    I just had a similar decision to make. My 23 year old WaterFurnace (dual speed) unit has a evap coil leak. That will run about $1,700 to repair/recharge. My compressor and all other internals are all original components and the clock is ticking on those. My loop field is fine and I replaced the two pumps in the last few years. I got quotes and decided to upgrade the unit to a new Waterfurnace Series 5 dual speed. (The series 7 would not work with my existing t-stats and zone controller, which I am keeping). The installed price is about $11K before the 30% tax credit. Now I'll have a nice long warranty period. I can replace it now instead of in a panic after a major component failure. Also, the new unit is about 35% more efficient than my old one.
  4. K. M.

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    It is a single stage 6 ton unit with 2 pumps on the flow control. Just one of the pumps are leaking and I'm really hoping to be able to just replace a seal. I'm just wondering how far down the rabbit hole to go with a repair before I replace. Also besides of course efficiency difference is there really a big difference in the quality of units less to more expensive?

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