Switching from radiant to a WF series 7

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Tired of Wood, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. Tired of Wood

    Tired of Wood New Member

    I currently heat with propane and an outdoor wood boiler utilizing baseboard through the home and radiant floor heat in half the home. We had a contractor come out and give us a quote and after talking with them I gave the go ahead to quote the forced air system(did not consult the wife). I am not concerned with losing the radiant but my wife is worried she will be cold. Anyone make this change?

    Thanks for the help guys!

    The quoted systems will be a 5 ton Water Furnace Series 7
  2. nc73

    nc73 Member

    Radiant is nice, and yes she will feel cold going forced air. Just have to get use to it!
  3. Tired of Wood

    Tired of Wood New Member

    nc73 do you have a series 7? I have read that they keep the house comfortable due to constantly running.
  4. docjenser

    docjenser Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    I am personally a big fan of radiant, lack of draft and lack of noise is one attribute.
    No comparison with a conventional forced air system, which turns on and off, and goes to full capacity or nothing.

    However, the 7 series modulates through 12 stages, provides a very even heat, and operates at the lowest possible stage, continuously, meaning it is very quiet. The same is true for A/C operation, with unmatched dehumidification. Very comfortable.

    Also meaning that the heat comfort you perceive is much like radiant, and the comfort gap between radiant and forced air is pretty much closed. The 7 series was a true game changer in terms of heating and cooling comfort.

    We converted about 100 houses from baseboard to 7 series, and do not have a single complaint. And if you perceive it as cold at 70F thermostat setting, raise the thermostat to wherever you are comfortable.

    Whoever states that your wife will be cold without knowing any facts means that individual is ignorant and uninformed about the technology.

    If you have the budget, absolutely, put in radiant floors. If you are on some kind of budget, safe the money, put in the 7 series and get 99% of the comfort.

    Key is that the unit and the ductwork is generously sized to cover the whole load of the house.
  5. Tired of Wood

    Tired of Wood New Member

    Thanks for the info doc! The house is currently 60% radiant but the basement is open and the rest could be done pretty easy. We didn't get into specifics for pricing a unit to do radiant but that was due to me, I am sure they would be willing to price that route also. I am only second guessing my decision based on how "cold" it will be if the wife is cold.

    My contractor has been great so far and although we did not get into the specific size of the ducts he mentioned they would be larger than normal duct work. I actually came across the contractor using the ground up site you had recommended to other members, so thanks for the hook up!
  6. docjenser

    docjenser Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    PM me who the contractor is and where you are located in NY.

    The GroundUp contractors are specifically vetted (by me and others;)) so I stand for and behind them, and the design is pretty much bulletproof.

    If I had the choice between radiant baseboard, and 7 series forced air, I would always choose the 7 series.

    I am a fan of radiant, but the 7 series has closed the gap in terms of comfort.

    I addition, the radiant solution with baseboard requires very hot supply temperatures, which reduce the overall efficiency of the system. So the forced air solution with the 7 series will operate significantly more efficient than radiant with 120-140+ F supply temperatures.

    So if you have your thermostat at 72F, it will be 72F degrees F in your house. If you have it at 74F, it will be 74F. No one will be cold.
  7. Tired of Wood

    Tired of Wood New Member

    Pulled the trigger last week! We are definitely excited to see how our system preforms this winter.
  8. docjenser

    docjenser Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Make sure you report back.....
  9. Tired of Wood

    Tired of Wood New Member

    Will do! Install starts at the end of the month. I am excited to be done with our outdoor wood boiler.
  10. nc73

    nc73 Member

    Are you selling your wood boiler? I have a lot of wood I'd like to burn. I use geo only when the fire goes out. Just installed mine diy.
  11. nc73

    nc73 Member

    Sorry no. I have regular forced air geo. I'd like one some day...

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