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    Well I thought I would try to start this thread. I live in the southern tip of the state.
    Last year I installed a 4 ton Waterfurnace Envision series. I have a drillfield that consists of 4 holes 150 foot deep. My house is a 1890s Victorian home. I had been
    heating it with propane. I bought the house and moved it to my farm. Propane at $0.40
    a gallon back in the early 80s was fine. Once it got to near $3.00 a gallon it was a lost cause. The year before I installed the heatpump I spent $4200.00 on propane and electric. The first year with the heatpump cost me $1570 for electric and no propane.
    I am very happy with what the heatpump has done for my home.

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