Arizona Starting to regret buying Climate Master TZ22 - no support

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by kevgibson, Jan 5, 2015.

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    Sorry to hear this. Glad you let us know....have been wondering what happened. Can't help with the Code 13, but I am sure someone here can.
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    Fault code 13 is An internal flow controller fault from internal vs pump. As far as I can tell you don't have one.

    Check to see what Loop Config is set to. I believe it should be Mod Valve, definitely NOT Vs Pump. Also check AO-2 jumper is set to 0-10V.

    A mod valve does not belong on single unit with a single speed external flow center. Under Mod Valve Configuration, you may have to set Off Position to 10.0 or disconnect wires to mod valve and manually leave open.

    You will need the communicating tstat or service tool to make these configuration changes.
    I have no hands on experience with these units and I am not sure if this will work but it may be worth a try.
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    Si this morning I used the trouble shooting guide pfer10 had given me the link to. All the voltage checked out. The pumps seemed to be running but of course you cant 'see' the fluid flow. So i decided to turn the valves on the pump housing to isolate the ground loop and i ran hose to and from a bucket full of water/glcol mix into the housing. Set the thermostat up to start the unit. The modulating valve opened and i had good flow through the pumps and system. Of course with so little fluid in the circuit the liquid started to slug as it headed for freezing. At this time i saw a few air bubbles come through!

    I reconnected to the main ground loop and started it up. It ran for a while and died but with a code 10 this time. I heard some bubbling in the line, so flushed and bled the ground loop again. Started it up and its been running his morning with no problems since then. :)

    THANKS for all the help guys.
    I opened a code specific to code 13. at
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    Hey... good news!! Way to keep after it. Keep us posted

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