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    I was hoping this forum could help me with some questions. I live in the Dayton Ohio area and want to know if anyone can recommend an installer. I am currently getting bids for a geothermal system and have a wide variety of differences in these quotes. One that I have is a concern with the depth of the pipes outside. One installer is recommending a 3 ton system with pipes at 2-4-6 feet is this enough or should I only consider vertical drilling? Also I am looking at the Water Furnace system does anyone know of a better system? You help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Loops need to be buried deeper than 2', don't do this by any means.

    Vertical will cost you more. Horizontal works fine if installed right. I have horizontal on my house. You can see the data here.

    The most important thing for you to do is find an installer with experience.

    Ask them for references, call the people and see how happy they are with their systems.

    You do not want them learning on your job. If they don't have any systems that have been in for at least a year, keep looking.

    You can get a list of installers here
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    The installer

    is the most important consideration. There is a DX installer in New Paris, OH who seems very knowledgeable that would be close to Dayton. I live outside Cincinnati and put in a Water Furnace system because there are no DX installers within 1 h of my location and everyone I talked to advised me to go with someone local with lots of experience and satisfied customers, so that is what I did. I found my installers on Angie's List. Good Luck!
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    I just finished a lengthy DIY install of a WaterFurnace 064 system and made some mistakes, but things are working fine now and I highly recommend the following process BEFORE you pick an installer.

    1.Do a complete heat/loss analysis or have it done by an independent engineer. Then pick the system that can handle the heating/Cooling load the way you want it handled for your specific needs & climate.

    2. Have the field engineered to support the system you decide on. (make sure the soil conditions for your area are considered)

    Then hire the installer to make it happen, and be informed as to exactally what they are doing.
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    That is sound advice, and I could not agree more.
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    For a DX system in Ohio, you have to be very careful about your soil composition. This is coal country with many strip mines for multiple minerals, thus varying soil conditions throughout the state.
    Acidic soil will cause you grief with copper coils.
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    Thanks for all of your advice


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