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Discussion in 'Geothermal Loops' started by GPM2010, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. GPM2010

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    Decided to go Open loop with well. Pump and Dump.

    Have extra loop lines, coolant brine and pumps to find new homes for.

    If anyone's interested, PM me and make offer.

    4500' linear feet (total) of 3/4" SDR 160psi loop lines. 5 rolls are 520' with U bends for Well systems.
    3- rolls of 800' slinky lines. Same 3/4"

    30 gallons of Cryo-Tek 100 Propylene Glycol Brine solution for radiant floor systems or Geo loops (closed loop anti-freeze) systems.

    Circulator Pump Flow Center: Model# 2-230QFC-M
    Pump# 26-116F
    Stand alone pump system.

    All must go. Like said, Make offer on all and/or local pickup only.
  2. dgbair

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    Your general location might help.
  3. GPM2010

    GPM2010 Member

    Wilmington Illinois 60481
  4. GPM2010

    GPM2010 Member

    Wilmington, Illinois 60481

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