So they sent me desuperheaters and I’m debating the best way to hook them up

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Josh Hicks, Oct 17, 2018.

  1. Josh Hicks

    Josh Hicks New Member

    So I order the geo for my own place (very exciting day for a HVAC guy) and they sent me absolutely not what I asked for! Long story short I was not going to use desuperheaters in my own house. Was just going to use an on demand gas heater. I now am the proud owner or should I say I’m stuck with two systems both with desuperheaters.

    Now since I don’t have a storage tank this is a perfect opportunity to use my own house as a test subject. I’m planning on putting in 2 tanks as buffers for my on demand unit but I didn’t know it there were any poly tanks out there that would be suitable for the application. Don’t really want to put I. A steel tank that would eventually rust. Would a poly tank stand up to the entering water temps or should I just let the whole thing go?

    Anybody messed with anything like this before or have any ideas?

  2. ChrisJ

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    Marathon makes poly tanks, you can by them with or without heating elements.

    Just check that the on demand heater can receive warm/hot water and still operate properly. I thought I read some where that some can be finicky when they get hot water sent to them.

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