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    Any help would be great! On my open loop geo pump I have a 3/4" copper outlet pipe that dumps water into 3" PVC which runs to my pond. On this pipe close to the heatpump I have a slow closing solenoid valve. This valve has a knob that rotates clockwise or counter clockwise. Clockwise closes the valve and stops flow. What is the proper setting for this valve? Completely open or almost shut? I dont want to damage pump and not really sure what this does. Any advice would be great! Thank you!!

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    Hi and welcome.
    Your heatpump needs to remain pressurised when in operation per most manufacturers install manuals. When the heatpump calls for operation the valve should open to allow water flow through your unit. When call is over it should shut completely or you are pumping water that is not being used. does this help?
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    Thanks Eric! The only question is how far can I screw in the knob? It seems to limit the amount of water flow dumping into my pond. Thank you!
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    That knob is used to regulate how much water is running through your unit. To little water and unit will lock out, to much water is wastefull in terms of cost of electric to run the pump.
    The industry standard on how many gallons per minute vs. tons of load your machine is varies from 1.2 to 3 gpm per ton. If you go on line and look at install sheets for your unit it will tell you what your manufacturer reccomends.

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