Skidsteer Geothermal Drilling Rig

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    I have been doing geothermal drilling for years on big jobs out in the open. I need a portable geo drill to get around in yards and tight places in city. The little toy rigs with 5ft pipe are a joke. I did some checking around, and some prices are out of this world. I need a drill that has 10ft drill pipe and 12ft stroke so plenty of room for bits and subs. My truck rigs still has a 2000 per month note at bank. I need something for less than 20k. Drillcat makes a Geothermal drill skidsteer mounted for 17k. Has Hydraulic top head swivel rated for air or water, so I can use DTH hammer in hard formations. I have seen other brands with extras like remote control tooth picks that really run the price up. Drilling 250ft holes or less, and only limited funds, looks like this drill will work for me. Any better ideas on lower priced drill with 2 3/8" drill pipe and 2" water course swivel? Here is a picture from Home Page IMG_1418.jpg
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    If you find something that will drill to 250' for less than 20k, I will be really surprised. The rig in the photo can't have much down pressure or torque.
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    Looking at the photos, I would say good luck cutting through anything harder than hot butter. It looks to running of a 2 trash pump for the mud pump. I wouldn't think it has enough psi behind it pump sands/clays from 250' either.
    This may work in an ideal situation, but from my experience its never ideal!!!!
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