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    so ive re run my heat load calcs since finally had fridge weather in negatives hear in wi. so by my math need 4 ton heat pump. this house far from as seal up as i had thought. so in spring when im re pointing the rubble stone basement i figured id run the ground loop at same time as will have the excavator to do it. so a 4 ton system with wet heavy clay soil and soil is always wet. i figured need 500 ft per ton. run in 6 3/4 loops. at 335 ft per loop, the system requires 12 gpm so should be 2 gpm to each loop so between unit head loss and the field a 25 ft of head rated pump should be enuff i think.the anti freeze be 30 percent methanol. how close to correct am i? the btu load is 41000, so unless free up funds for more insulation/demo rebuild. i know i will need the eletrice heat to keep up on the most wickedly cold days. house 1300 plus 255 sqft if get an upstairs attic converted this year.
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    What kind of heat pump are you using? Model?
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    geo cool, single stage, 4 ton, Model #:GCHP01048V.

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