Ontario sink holes

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    Hello I am brand new to this forum and I come with a question.
    I have had my unit for 9 years now in Ottawa Canada and its performance has been good.
    I have a 4 ton unit that has 4 bore holes 100' vertically outside the home. around 4 years ago the holes all sunk in and I filled them with mortar sand as recommended from a local geothermal installer since the original company went bankrupt.
    Well last year they opened up again so I refilled with mortar sand.
    they are back again

    the water is about 10' below ground and not seen is the copper pipe of refrigerant, it is there just can't see it in this picture.
    So basically the question is WTF do I do?
    I have contacted a local well driller to see if he could help out and I am assuming he will suggest bentonite chips and grout but he hasn't gotten back to me yet.
    Has anybody dealt with this?

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