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    I am new to this site but looks like some great info here.
    I am building a new house down in Tennessee, 2000 sq ft rancher with basement. So I am looking at putting in a closed loop geosystem for both heat and air. First place I called carries a variety of makes, but suggested quoting WaterFurnance. So I sent them the house plans and they did a load model on the house and came back with a recommendation of a 3-ton unit (not surprising from what I have read so far). He quoted both a series 7 and series 5, 2 - 300' horizontal trenches with 4 pipes, rigid insulated duct work in the basement, air balance for all rooms, all electrical connections, all cooling water piping, and Geo-Assist water heating to my water heater.
    This last part seems like I have to supply the water heater. Wasn't planning on doing assisted water heating but he included it.

    Total quote for each unit full system installed.
    7 Series = $50,505
    5 Series = $46,880

    Man this seems really really high compared to what I have been reading online. I could see for a existing house and increased cost for duct work installation, but something doesn't seem right.

    Any thoughts on these quotes would be appreciated.
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    WF thinks a lot of their machines. I would ask the same company for a quote with another machine and see what happens to the price. You may also ask to exclude the supplemental water heating and break out the dirt work separate from the mechanical for easier comparisons.
    Hope this helps
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  3. moey

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    Your getting taken for a ride.

    If your building a new house insulate your basement and forget about insulating the ductwork in the basement.

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