Ontario Series 5 Remove and Replace Quotation

Discussion in 'Quotes and Proposals' started by Andrew Kulin, Oct 28, 2023.

  1. Andrew Kulin

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    I have no idea if this is a fair price or not. Quote to remove our 20 year old 6-ton Waterfurnace Premiere Unit (Lake Loop) and replace with the following:

    • 6-ton 5 series with hot water, Aurora Performance & Refrigeration Monitoring (NDV072J111CTL0DA)
    • Air Pad (AP32)
    • 2 pump flow center with UP26-99 pumps (FC2-GL + CKGL4LE (connection kit))
    • Auxiliary Electric Heater (EAL10B)
    • Electrostatic Filter MERV 13 (EAF3036-2E)
    • Thermostat (TPCC32U01)
    • Symphony Aurora WebLink Kit (AWLK02)
    • 10 yr P&L (W10PLU)
    • flushing of loop, 10 gallons ethanol
    Will reconnect into existing lake loop and hot water tank.

    $25,332 (CDN) which is approx. US$18,240
  2. mrpac

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    Hey Andrew, I was in the same situation in the spring of this year, and received quotes anywhere from 19k - 38k. Most big players, climatemaster and Waterfurnace, along with some smaller brands like enercool.
    I had similar problems that you have experienced, and the pricing that you have received seems similar. It is a lot to swallow, that is for sure.

    I chose a different route, and learned how to support my own system. It is a complicated system that only a handful of service techs have the ability to handle. In the states, it seems like repair techs are easier to hire than here in Ontario. As soon as you mention geothermal - it is a totally different ballgame.
    The industry is relatively still in its infancy here in canuckville. Some sales agents, but servicing is clearly lacking, and thus causes no competition issues. The Packaged units have gotten extremely expensive, come with a lack of knowledge, and most importantly a lack of parts availability.

    This forum is quiet these days, although there are some that provide some informative material.

    Any other options?

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