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    Can anyone suggest a simple inexpensive metering device that can be wired directly into my GSHP? I'm trying to get an accurate fix on the amount of power my system is using but having difficulty make comparisons with previous Power Co billings.
    I used propane before so I thought it would be a pretty simple matter to just look for increased consumption, and I'm getting a reasonable result for 2011 vs. 2012 but previous years are skewed due to a meter replacement.

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    Permanent or jury rigged?

    Permanent - just google kWh meter or power meter. Lots to chose from. The cheapest actually look just like the meter on your house and you can pick the socket at Home Despot. Just wire it in-line with your geo - with multiple circuits, loop pump, aux heat, you'd need a sub-panel.

    Permanent #2 an inductive pickup coil type power meter. Just run all your circuit wires through the little donut and give it a reference voltage. These are a couple hundred bucks.

    Jury Rig -- AKA how I did it -- A $20 120 volt watts-up meter spliced into one leg of the 240 circuit with the other leg tied to a convenient neutral source. Double the values on the screen and you're good to go. I did this just to optimize the system and then took it out. NOT a permanent fix. An amp-probe with power capabilities would do the same thing for almost as much money as a permanent solution.
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    This customer of mine put one on his electric hot water tank, outdoor hot tub, and geothermal unit...Meter and meter socket is $45.00-$85.00.
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    Installing meters & bases for each appliance seems a little overkill but admittedly cheap.

    I have used the Current Cost Envi energy monitor you can input multiple appliances & keep a log on your pc. It cost about $200 with 2 induction probes (good for one 240 appliance) & web interface module.

    I just saw a Black & Decker one that seems similar at the hardware store for $70 something the other day. But it looks like it's just meant to go on a meter base with a special sensor.
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    Here is what I use, my use is for my whole house though. I will be adding another set of pickups for my future solar array. I think each unit can handle 3 or 4 sets of inductive pickups.

    TED The Energy Detective
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    I can vouch for TED, but it is sensitive to noise on power lines. The gateway (box that puts panelboard current and voltage info onto ethernet) must be plugged into a circuit that has no DC power converters. Many many receptacle loads have converters (laptop AC adapters, battery chargers, cordless phone bases, cable modems, etc)

    There are filters available to help deal with this

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