Seminar+Webinar: Zero Net Energy Buildings without Fossil Fuels

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    How can we achieve a carbon-free economy by 2050 at less cost for our energy than we spend today?

    What heats and cools without consuming water and without generating CO2, all the while enabling your building to become Zero Net Energy?

    Do Federal and State zero net energy plans and programs adequately support greenhouse gas reduction, energy efficiency, and water conservation goals?

    What renewable source of energy can drive renewable heating and cooling toward a Zero Net Energy building?

    What do you get when you put right-sized Solar PV, Solar Thermal and Geothermal together?

    Creating Zero Net Energy Buildings with Off-the-Shelf Technologies will tackle these questions and a full agenda of related topics as experts explore what a carbon-free, electric-based economy will look like, powered by wind, water, and solar renewable energy sources. Today’s high efficiency envelopes, ventilation, and lighting systems, coupled with geothermal heat pumps’ access to the sub-surface thermal resource will lead the way to provide efficient and comfortable heating, water heating and cooling year-round.

    A professional slate of speakers will provide an in-depth view of how residential, commercial and institutional buildings can meet both near-and long-term Zero Net Energy (ZNE) goals. Case studies of various types of buildings will demonstrate how ZNE and energy efficiency goals can be achieved with existing technologies that are seldom used in concert with each other in the same design.

    What: Seminar+Webinar - Creating Zero Net Energy Buildings with Off-the-Shelf Technologies
    When: Tuesday, April 23, 2015 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (PDT)
    Where: San Jose City College and Online
    Price: Variable ($25.00 - $150.00)

    Use this discount code to receive $25 off of registration.

    Discount Code: GEO-SJCC

    Register and learn more at


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