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    (I am in Southern Maryland) Attached is a soil report which covers type of soil for 3.2 acres. The majority of my loop field will fall in this area. The adjacent soil area has similar characteristics. The general themes are:

    Loamy Sand, Sandy Loam, Fine Sandy Loam, Silty Loam, Silty Clay Loam

    Well to Moderately well drained.

    Depth to water table: Range from 14" to 72"

    Mean annual precipitation: 40 to 50 inches
    Mean annual air temperature: 52 to 57 degrees F
    Frost-free period: 180 to 210 days

    My excavation contractor indicates never had frost line below 10"-12". We will be shooting for 6' depth, but he says we may be rushing to push slinkies in at 4' due to water and cave-in.

    With a well drained soil in or around water table in a moderate climate balanced between heat and cool, would you be comfortable with 500' per ton of slinkies.


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    If you get it installed in the water table - the soils are somewhat of a moot point. But one needs to adjust for seasonal fluctuation.

    So the missing information to truly answer your question:
    - what is the spacing on the slinkies
    - what is the run times of the equipment

    There is some information you've provided, but it isn't really what we need. Your location is likely best - we can look at climate data then. Then your building load requirements.

    Without any of it - I'd say 500' may be a bit short for slinkies.

    edit - upon opening your soils report, I noticed your location is provided.

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